What We Do as Acar Fabric

   Product variety

All our fabrics are produced in our company which is a principle of quality production.

   Company Investments

As Acar, we serve our suppliers with the best machine trails.

   Quality and successful production

Our company aims to produce smooth and high quality with many awards and quality documents.

   Our supplier relationships

The products we produce are customer loyalty and experience which is the reason why many companies are preferred on the market.

Acar Kumaş

Who is Acar Fabrıc Textile ?

Acar Kumaş Textile, which started its production in 1998 with the production of Istanbul Osmanbey fabrics, serves our esteemed customers with many kinds and product range according to the needs of the consumer who needs the market.

Our place

Our Contact Information

  E-Mail : info@acarkumas.com

   0 212 641 88 80

   Keresteciler Sitesi Fatih Caddesi Aksoy İş Merkezi No:11/1-A Güngören - Merter / İSTANBUL - TÜRKİYE

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